Our Genuine Conference Rooms

All our eight conference rooms (and three salons for more casual meetings) is like our hotel – unique and comfortable with a whole lot of personality and charm. We have room for both large and small parties. Which of our rooms suits you and your business?


Konferensrum/Festlokal Spegelsalen, möblerad för biosittning – Görvälns Slott.

Our largest conference room that fits very well for training courses, seminars and parties. Takes up to 60 people.


Konferenslokal Zoffany på Görvälns Slott

Lovely bright room with beautiful views of the castle park and our ski slope . Perfect for the smaller meeting of 8-10 people.

Elsa Brahe

Konferenslokal Elsa Brahe på Görvälns Slott

Conveniently located on the castle's main floor. 14 comfortable, upholstered chairs for up to 14 persons. Can also be used for secluded dining.

Villa Solbacka

Konferensrum Villa Solbacka – Görvälns Slott.

Perfect for the small, secluded meeting. The venue is located about 200 meters from the castle. Lovely leather chairs and conference tables.


Konferenslokal Oxenstierna på Görvälns Slott

Our second largest meeting room overlooking the castle's herb garden. Room for 20 in meeting and 40 in theater style.


Konferenslokalen Johanna

Located adjacent to our second largest meeting room, Erik Oxenstierna. Perfect as a smaller meeting room for 8-10 people.

Solbacka Krog

Konferenslokal Villa Solbacka på Görvälns Slott

Located in its own building about 200 meters from the castle at Mälarviken. Perfect for a more private meeting. Accommodating up to 40 people theater style.


Konferenslokal Deborah på Görvälns Slott

Light and with beautiful views in two directions next to Erik Oxenstierna. Perfect as a smaller meeting room for 8-10 people.